Welcome to the kick-off of World of Hope 2011-2012!

You can download your own copy of the World of Hope impact giving catalogue:
World of Hope pdf (~1.7MB)

The print versions of this are being prepared to send to our churches and faithful EFCCM donors right now! We look forward to hearing and sharing more stories about lives being changed through this year’s World of Hope, as we continue to meet urgent practical and spiritual needs.

If there is any other information you need, or if you want to make sure that your family or your church receives your own printed copy of World of Hope, please drop us a line.

Please pray for this immense effort:

  • that God would lead cheerfully generous hearts to enable all of this important work,
  • and that God would give our missionaries strength and wisdom as they live their ministry calling.
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    • Communications
      Communications says:

      You can get a good snapshot overview on this page.

      We also have two books written on the subject. Contact us if you’re interested in ordering them.

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